The Coolest Thing in the Universe

Fun fact: if you hold up a pea at roughly arm’s length, it covers the disc of the sun just like the moon does during an eclipse. Obviously you wouldn’t want to try this due to the harmful nature of looking directly at the sun, but the same principle would also blot out the disc … Continue reading The Coolest Thing in the Universe

He is Light

Christmas 2020 does not look like our normal celebration. Because of the rise in Covid-19, people are distancing from family and friends to fight this virus. It is an unprecedented time, and people are struggling with depression, anxiety, financial hardships, mental and physical trials. Many would say it is a time of darkness. For the … Continue reading He is Light

“Together Wenatchee” to Host Homeless Kit Assembly

Together Wenatchee is hosting their 6th annual personal hygiene gift bag giveaway. Last year, over 300 homeless and needy adults received a gift bag.  This year the goal is to provide a bag for every man and woman living at; Haven of Hope, The Rescue Mission (formerly the Hospitality House), Bruce Transitional Housing, YWCA housing … Continue reading “Together Wenatchee” to Host Homeless Kit Assembly