Faith, Fishes, and the Power of Prayer

I love my life. I feel blessed to have a loving and supportive husband, and four awesome children who bring me such joy! Does that mean life is always easy? Absolutely not! I have cried for my children as they have experienced heartaches, bullying, struggles at school, and all the normal battles we endure on this journey of life. I have tried to teach my children to always remember God in their lives. We pray. It always fills my heart when in the chaos of the moment, whether it is a lost set of car keys or a misplaced term paper that is due immediately, we stop and pray. It is the times when I slow everything down and speak to God with my kids that we see miracles manifest in the simplest of ways.

I remember vividly when my son, Kyle, was about 6 years old. We went to the pet store and picked out a Japanese Fighting Fish. We placed it in a large glass urn that Kyle speedily took to his room to keep him company. He LOVED that fish! One day Kyle must have been performing some kind of karate or wrestling move, and he shattered the glass fishbowl with one swift action! I ran up to see what the commotion was and found shards of glass and stinky fish water soaked into the carpet on his bedroom floor. Kyle’s fish looked dead as it lay on the carpet with cuts on its body and pieces of its beautiful fighting fish tail shredded to bits. I scooped it up and we ran to the sink where we placed the limp fish into a glass of water. Fishy flopped on his side and floated. It seemed we were doomed to have a toilet bowl funeral service. I paused for a moment and asked Kyle if he would like to say a prayer. “YES!” So we bowed our heads and prayed a simple, sincere prayer for that little fish. Moments later the fish perked up and began to swim around. We were witnesses to a fish miracle!

At times I wonder if I am bothering God with such trivial matters when there is so much sadness, illness, war, and devastation in the world. I don’t want to waste His time. Then I remember that we are all children of a loving Heavenly Father who asks us to remember Him. He wants us to reach out to Him.  I am reminded of the words of Gordon B. Hinckley, who counseled “Never assume that you can make it alone. You need the help of the Lord. Never hesitate to get on your knees … and speak with Him. What a marvelous and wonderful thing is prayer. Think of it. We can actually speak to our Father in Heaven.”

I am so grateful for Christ and His example of prayer. He told us to pray in our closets, and He will reward us openly (Matthew 6:5-6). So we can pray in our kitchens, in the car, in our bedrooms or anywhere, and He will hear us. We can pray aloud as a family, and we can pray in our hearts continually. How blessed we are that we can pray for heaven’s blessings to be upon us and guide us in all the big AND small things in our lives. May the power of prayer be a blessing to you and yours.

In faith,