The Path of Our Feet

Shoes have meaning. We all know that Cinderella’s shoe found her true love; Dorothy’s shoes took her home; and there was an old woman who lived in a shoe. We all walk in different shoes.  Whether you wear boogie shoes, blue suede shoes, or your boots are made for walkin’… the shoes are of little consequence. It is all about the person wearing them, and the direction they are walking.

A while ago I gathered with the women from our congregation for an evening where we all brought a pair of shoes that represented a meaningful time in our lives. Everyone shared their shoe stories and it was wonderful, fun, and inspiring to hear life experiences. One friend brought a pair of shoes that she worked hard to earn at her first big job out of college. Another woman brought shoes she wore while training for a marathon and then she competed in one. It was a unifying evening and we felt strengthened as friends to learn more about each other.

I ordered a pair of sandals to share. They were sandals like Jesus would have worn. When they arrived they were slightly flattened from shipping. I put them on my feet to fill them out and suddenly felt so inadequate. How could I possibly attempt to fill Jesus’ shoes?

I have such gratitude for our Savior. He showed us the path we should walk. I love His teaching as recorded in John 8:12: “He that follows me shall not walk in darkness but shall have the light of life.”


I think of Christ’s final week on earth beginning with His triumphal entry into Jerusalem. I think of Him gathering His apostles in an upper room to say goodbye as He taught them about the sacrifice He would soon make for them and for us. I think of Peter, James and John, who accompanied Christ into Gethsemane where He asked them to watch with Him. As Christians are we not stronger as we unite in our testimonies and love of Christ? Can we not watch with Him? Follow Him? We are blessed with friends to give us love and encourage us to stay with Him. To stay on the path. To travel the path together so we are united in the cause.

Our women’s group motto is: “Charity Never Faileth.” Charity is the pure love of Christ. We can love and serve the best we can, and where we fall short our loving Redeemer has made up the difference. For His atonement, His loving sacrifice, I am eternally grateful. May we find strength and help each other along on our journey, and know the footsteps to follow are those of our loving Brother, the Savior of the world, Jesus Christ.

In faith,