If You Want Something to Change, Change Your Thoughts

“Whether you believe you CAN or you CAN’T, you are right!” — Henry Ford

Each of us has the freedom to choose perceptions of our life experiences and the world around us that support us in feeling good or that support another need we choose to experience. Each of us has the power to change how we feel instantly. In our mind we decide the way we feel about a situation. We then put that energy behind the thought that allows us to see the circumstance whichever way we feel serves us best. Unfortunately, we more often choose a negative, in-the-moment perspective, instead of positive, eternal, growth and opportunistic mindsets.

Often, we do not realize we have the power to control and change how we feel in any situation. We do not need to react and feel first. We can decide first what we want to feel and experience. Then we may allow those feelings that best support growth, learning, understanding and love to come into our lives. One of the thinking flaws of the human mind is to confuse the unarguable reality, or fact, which is the event, with feelings about it and estimations of it.  Shakespeare said, “Nothing is good or bad but that our thinking makes it so.”

Our challenge today is to begin making distinctions between the reality of a given event—a toothache, a traffic light or a glitch at work—and our interpretation of it. Notice that the interpretation, no matter how accurate, is still only an interpretation, or our perception of the fact.
In the scriptures it says, “But you must watch yourselves, and your thoughts, and your words, and your deeds, and observe the commandments of God, and continue in the faith unto the end of your lives, or ye must perish.” We can grow or perish psychologically, which then becomes spiritually, if we choose to feel that life has to be endured instead of enjoyed!

I pray each of us will remember we are God’s children. I believe He loves us and wants us to choose to experience all the joy and happiness we want to feel as we learn and grow through this life. Be humble, be prayerful, be teachable, and see the eternal perspective in your life. I pray you see joy and choose it!

In love and faith,
*Additional reading can be found in, “Remembering Wholeness” by Carol Tuttle