Light the World

Christmas is coming!

What an exciting opportunity we have to commemorate our Savior’s birth, life and His atoning sacrifice for each of us by striving to emulate the light he brought—and continues to bring—into the world.

Uplift will celebrate the advent of Christmas by publishing a series of posts highlighting the themes of the 2018 Light the World service campaign. Now in its third year, #Light the World is focused on helping others in a new way each week, encouraging simple acts of service and Christ-like love, starting with a worldwide perspective and narrowing the focus to personal relationships with our Savior.

During this first week, we want to light the world. We know that Jesus’s love knew no bounds. We can find ways to help someone in another part of the world. An easy way to do this is to go online to to buy a goat or chickens for our brothers or sisters in various places in the world.

In week 2, we will light the community. Serious needs exist all around us. We can make the world a better place by serving in our own community. lists a large number of local service opportunities, or choose a tag from any of the giving trees around town, or make a donation to a local charity.

By week 3 we will all be involved in the busiest time of the year, but it is also a time to fill our homes with light by serving those closest to us. Call your parents. Write a handwritten note to a child or spouse expressing your love. Learn about an ancestor and share the story with others.

Week 4 includes Christmas Day. During this week we can light our own faith by being or becoming true followers of the Savior. In doing so, our faith in Jesus Christ will grow brighter and brighter. We can attend religious services, memorize a beloved scripture, or turn some of this year’s Light the World ideas into New Year’s resolutions.

We welcome all Uplift readers to share the posts you will find here with friends and family and, in turn, to share your experiences as you take part in being a Light in the World.

Merry Christmas from Uplift the World!

For more ideas, go to; #lighttheworld; or #lighttheWYM