Big and Small Things

One year for Christmas, my husband surprised me with a beautiful pair of earrings. They were an unexpected and thoughtful gift that my husband orchestrated by trading work with a jeweler friend. Several weeks ago, I wore my earrings, and that night when I laid my head on my pillow, I quickly remembered that the studs were still in my ears, because the post was poking into the side of my head. I took the earrings out, set them on my nightstand, and didn’t think about them until several weeks later.

At bedtime one night, I decided to empty the trash cans in our bathrooms. I gathered up trash in several rooms, finally dumping the garbage in my bedroom. I made a quick sweep across my night stand, grabbing a tissue and some small papers.

Later that evening, I had an “ah ha” moment, where the thought clearly came to me, “check your earrings on the nightstand.” I looked on the table and saw only one stud. I looked on the floor, under the bed, and everywhere I could think of. I received the next prompting, “check the garbage bag.” I began to worry that I had been careless with the special gift from my love. I rifled through the white plastic trash bag, frantically trying to see a small white gold stud with a stone. I couldn’t find it. I then received a third clear direction, “lift up the garbage bag and look from the outside.” As I held the bag up to view the bottom side, I could see the little earring hiding in the bottom of the trash. I immediately thanked God for the clear inspiration to find something so small and inconsequential in the big scheme of things.

A wash of emotion and gratitude flooded over me. I realized that through this simple, inspired guidance, my loving Heavenly Father showed me in a clear way that He is aware of even the smallest of matters.

At times, I feel like I don’t want to bother God with the little needs that arise in my life. There are many huge, sad, devastating occurrences in the world, and I have been pleading in my prayers for something big as well. Someone precious to me is going through a hardship and I don’t know how to help. This matter has been heavy on my heart, and I have been seeking guidance.  This series of promptings to my mind gave peace to my heart, and witnessed that God is in the big and small things in my life. The Lord has it all covered.

I know in life we ALL have something big. The trials and adversities we face are all different, but they are there. The prophet Alma taught, “Whosoever shall put their trust in God shall be supported in their trials, and their troubles, and their afflictions…” Whatever your challenges, both big and small, may you find peace and comfort knowing God is so very aware of it all. Trust Him.

In faith,