It is Palm Sunday. At this sacred time of year my mind reflects on the life and death of Jesus Christ. I ponder on the final week of our Savior’s mortal ministry.

On Sunday He rode triumphantly into Jerusalem. The book of John tells us, “On the next day much people that were come to the feast, when they heard that Jesus was coming to Jerusalem, “Took branches of palm trees, and went forth to meet him, and cried, Hosanna: Blessed is the King of Israel that cometh in the name of the Lord.”

At last the humble Carpenter was recognized as the Messiah! Jesus’ final week was spent cleansing and teaching in the temple, performing miracles, and sharing the Last Supper with His disciples. Then the Lamb of God made His great sacrifice. In Gethsemane and on Golgotha’s hill the price was paid.
Because of our Savior’s atonement we receive victory over the grave. Because of Christ’s sacrifice He perfectly understands our pain and suffering. The Lord can heal us from every wrong and heartache we experience in life. He has fully paid for every sorrow and sin. When we turn our sin and suffering to the Lord, then we are blessed with the same ability to triumph, for ” He hath triumphed gloriously.”

I am touched by the poignant lyrics to the song Gethsemane, by Melanie Hoffman.

Jesus climbed the hill to the garden still.

His steps were heavy and slow.

Love and a prayer took Him there

To the place only He could go.

Gethsemane. Jesus loves me,

So He went willingly to Gethsemane.

He felt all that was sad, wicked, or bad,

All the pain we would ever know.

While His friends were asleep, He fought to keep

His promise made long ago.

Gethsemane. Jesus loves me,

So He went willingly to Gethsemane.

The hardest thing that ever was done,

The greatest pain that ever was known,

The biggest battle that ever was won—

This was done by Jesus!

The fight was won by Jesus!

Gethsemane. Jesus loves me,

So He gave His gift to me in Gethsemane.

Gethsemane. Jesus loves me,

So He gives His gift to me from Gethsemane.¹

May we reflect and remember Jesus Christ and His great triumph over death and sin. As we pray for His atonement to take effect in our lives, we can be victorious over our obstacles. May we always remember our Savior, and His great sacrifice. He is risen! He lives! Through Him we can triumph!

In faith,


¹© 2016 by Melanie Hoffman. All rights reserved. This song may be copied for incidental, non-commercial church or home use. This notice must be included on each copy made.