We Struggle Together…

Sometimes what stands out the most is what we lack. This is, of course, not what the Savior wants for us, and yet we can get lost in it all the same.

We make observations, judgments, and comparisons with only our own limited perspective – and we find ourselves seriously lacking.

Their kids are perfectly put together, complete with styled hair, and you were lucky to just get clothing–any clothing–on yours.

Their house is beautiful and put together and you’re washing the same load of laundry for the third time because you keep forgetting that you have a washing machine.

Or maybe the ache is deeper. Maybe it’s the heartache of having children who are hurting, a marriage that is breaking, health issues, financial issues.

I came across this video and it was such an incredible reminder–a treasure really. Because in my mind, these women are some of the most spiritual giants on this earth, and even they have struggled, have felt alone, have ached and wondered if they were enough, wondered if they could overcome the heartache.

You are enough… With the Savior, we each become enough.