I’m so Grateful for Angels!

When I was a little girl, my parents took me to a musical called My Turn On Earth, to see my Uncle Ron’s lovely wife, Candy, in a lead role. Since then I have loved the beautiful Angel Lullaby she performed. It is my favorite lullaby that I sang to each of my children as a prayer that angels would truly guard and protect them.

Angel Lullaby
You came from a land where all is light
to a world half day and a world half night.
To guard you by day, you have my love,
To guard you by night, your friends above.

There’s one stands softly by your bed
and another sits close with a hand on your head.
There’s one at the window watching for the dawn,
and one waits to wake you when the night is gone.

So sleep, sleep, till the darkness ends,
guarded by your angel friends.
So sleep, sleep, till the darkness ends,
guarded by your angel friends.¹


My life long pleading for angels to watch over my children was answered dramatically one summer. We spent the day at the water slides, playing in the sun. I sat under the mushroom sprinkler with my little one, while my older kids ran around the slide park with friends.

That evening at home, I helped my kids get showered after our day in the sun and chlorine. My oldest son, Grant, played video games with a friend upstairs while I bathed our youngest, (at the time) Kyle. After I got him in pajamas, I took Kyle up to the playroom to hangout with big brother while I showered off my sunscreen.

My daughter, Hayley, was bathing in the bathroom adjacent to our master bath. She enjoyed floating the length of the tub and letting her hair flow around her. Since she was water safe, I let her stay in the bath a little longer while I showered. I felt solitude after the long day and spent more time conditioning my hair, shaving my legs, and extra fluff I usually skimped on. Everyone was all taken care of, right?

Suddenly Hayley came running into my bathroom yelling, “Mom, Mom! Kyle fell in the bathtub! With me! He’s too slippery! And his head is under the water!” Kyle had escaped the playroom and was drowning in his sister’s bath!

Horror struck my heart and I ran to the tub my daughter had just been “mermaiding” in. I expected to see my son floating face down in the water. When I entered the room Kyle was sitting quietly and calmly on the bath rug, OUTSIDE of the tub his sister left him flailing in! I could see vomit down his belly and instantly knew Kyle had gone under the water long enough to choke and throw up. I was in shock that my sweet baby was sitting happily outside the bathtub. There is no physical way Kyle could have removed himself from that slippery, wet bath.

I immediately snatched Kyle up and ran him back to my shower to rinse the puke off his pajamas and clean him up. As I did, tears streamed down my face and I instantly prayed to thank God for this big miracle! I thanked Him for guardian angels who somehow came to our rescue. I am forever grateful for angels and the tender mercies of God.

annie henrie nader_tender mercies__61987.original
Tender Mercies, by Annie Henrie Nader

God has sent angels to comfort and watch over His children since the beginning of time. Angels instructed our first parents, Adam and Eve. God sent an angel to minister to Christ after He was tempted by Satan, and again to comfort the Savior in the Garden of Gethsemane. Many may believe angels are not active on the earth today. I know otherwise. I often ponder this promise, “I will go before your face. I will be on your right hand and on your left, … my Spirit shall be in your [heart], and mine angels round about you, to bear you up.”², and I pray for angels to bear me up in times of despair.

I continue to pray for angels to watch over and protect my family, and to bless those who are in need of divine rescue. I know our Heavenly Father loves us so much that He has placed angels, both heavenly, and human, to come to our aide at essential times. May you feel God’s watchful hand in your life and the presence of angels in the very hour of your need.

In faith,




¹ Angel Lullaby, Words: Carol Lynn Pearson Music: Lex de Azevedo

²Doctrine & Covenants 84:88