Windows – Looking In

Our new home has these huge windows with beautiful expansive views from the kitchen, dining area, living space, and master bedroom.  Shortly after moving in, my perspective changed from the beautiful views we saw out our window to realizing that we had several neighbors who had a direct view through those windows into our home.

This thought became unsettling. I didn’t know how I felt about our neighbors having a front row seat for our life? What if the kitchen wasn’t clean or the family room was a mess, or the kids were arguing, or I was yelling at them to stop arguing?  I was still thinking about this a week into unpacking when an impression sparked a complete change of heart in me. Instead of worrying about how I might be judged, what if I embraced that we are a peculiar family? What if I focused on giving a glimpse of what a loving, Christ-centered family (imperfections and all) looks like?  Maybe I would get to be an instrument in inspiring another of God’s children to want to know more.

So, I changed my focus and started thinking about what I would want someone see if they were looking through our windows.  They would see us gather around the dinner table eating as a family.  They would see the kids working together to clean the kitchen– sometimes that might look more like a war zone than a slice of heaven, but there it would be.  They would see us kneel for family prayer at night and curled up on the couches for morning scripture study. They might notice that some individuals look like they’re asleep–and they’d probably be right.

They would see spontaneous dance parties in the kitchen and Taylor’s signature “goofy dad moves.”  They would see dirty dishes and the popcorn popper remnants left out from family movie night.  They would see that we are a church going family when they saw the buzz of activity every Sunday morning as everyone works to get out the door on time.  They would see a very real, very un-perfect but happy family. And that was a very heart-warming thought.

Peter, writing from Rome to the scattered saints said, “But ye are a chosen generation, a royal priesthood, an holy nation, a peculiar people,” and as a chosen and peculiar people, “. . . ye should shew forth the praises of him who hath called you out of darkness into his marvellous light.” (1 Pet. 2:9)  While I’m still planning to install some blinds, I’ve been reminded that we have opportunities every single day to share the blessings of having a relationship with our Savior, Jesus Christ. And that most often it will be through our every-day actions that our faith will be best felt by others.