The Gift of Life

A dear friend of mine shared her experience with me. I hope it touches your heart as it did mine. May it create a desire in you to step up and act in faith.

“Through birth, I was blessed with a unique perspective on life. The privilege of seeing the world, as well as my place in it, differently.”

“You see, at the tender age of 8 days old, I was placed in the arms of my anxiously awaiting, adoptive parents. My birth mother, upon discovering her unplanned pregnancy, knew she had options. She wanted to do what was best for me, her unborn child, and at that specific time in her life, she knew that she couldn’t provide what I needed. One thing she could provide me with, however, and would willingly sacrifice to do so, was life. She could give me life. And with that gift, also came the blessings of family, love and belonging. And while I don’t know the actual reason she decided against abortion, I CAN tell you how extremely grateful I am that she chose life for me.”

“I have lived an amazing and extremely fulfilling life and have accomplished many things. The best of those things and my greatest treasure, are my children. Oh, how I love these little ones. Being a mom has fulfilled a life-long yearning to love and nurture others. In fact, there is nothing I’ve ever loved more.”

“I’ve wondered more than once– what would have happened to my children if I didn’t exist? If my birth mother had made a different, more convenient, choice. My children most certainly wouldn’t exist, and I wouldn’t be living in this beautiful, albeit crazy world. And don’t I deserve to be here? I have that right, just like you, don’t I? I’m a good person, kind and generous I’d like to think, but when I think about not existing, my heart hurts.”

“And what about my parents, my adoptive parents, who love and adore me, what about their lives? Would they have found some other child to raise? Or would they have gone on with their lives without the child they so desperately wanted but were physically incapable of having?”

“My mother told me the following story about my birth.”

‘The social services agent told me that I would know, as if I were carrying you in my own belly, when your birth was near.  I was skeptical to say the least. Having checked everything off the list making us eligible to adopt, we began the wait. We hadn’t been given a timeline, so we didn’t feel especially anxious, but the waiting got old.  It rolled on for months and months and even past two years.  And then it happened. I went to bed as usual, but was restless and soon fell into a fitful sleep.  Sometime later I began to dream. The dream I had was your birth. I saw you being placed in the stomach of your birth mother, though I didn’t see her face.  And I saw myself standing beside you both, doubled over laughing, crying happy tears of sheer joy. This joy flooded my heart, and I awoke knowing that you were here somewhere on this planet.  I told the social agent to find you! And he did, placing you in our arms just five days later.’

“I can offer another layer to this story as well. You see, before I got married and became the mother of my own beautiful children, I too found myself pregnant and alone.   I was so scared and didn’t feel that I was in a place where I could financially, emotionally or mentally raise a child of my own. What could I do? Thankfully, having had such a positive adoption experience myself, while at the same time realizing that I could not abort this sweet spirit growing inside of me, I prayed to God to help me know what to do and how to do it.   And my prayers were answered. In faith, I made the choice to allow this child to have a life, to grow up to be someone, anyone. Life for this child, as it does for all of us, would be filled with endless possibilities–a concert pianist, an Olympic competitor, a graceful ballerina, or maybe someone just like me:  someone who loves their life and is trying every day to live it to the fullest!   I placed my baby with a wonderful, loving, compassionate family. She is thriving there. Most of all, I realize that true love is selfless;  it is doing what’s best for the other person. What tremendous tender mercies we have seen from the Lord through the blessing of adoption for my parents, myself, my birth daughter and her family.”

“Coming from someone who could have easily never existed, please CHOOSE life.” ~Anonymous

We INVITE all our community to become acquainted with and involved in “40 DAYS FOR LIFE” as they are able. This wonderful organization prays and works to make the blessing of adoption, instead of abortion, more known, understood and welcome. “40 DAYS FOR LIFE” encourages people and communities to pray and join together in peaceful awareness, twice a year for 40 days. In the Wenatchee, Washington Area, You may sign up online at now. Service opportunities begin September 25th-November 3rd, then again in the spring for 40 days. Please visit the website and whether you have one hour to give the entire 40 days, or a few hours a week, this is a wonderful opportunity to serve side by side with other Christians in our community in the peaceful support of Life! Thank you!