Waxing Confident with the Lord

Last week, I had a conversation with a friend that I have continued to ponder. . .

I can give all of my energy, work, and active faith to righteous goals, dreams, and desires; If I go after something enough, I will eventually get what I want. My husband and I started a new business several years ago and were surprised at all the people who thought it would fail. Even close business friends were sharing their concern with us. My husband and I discussed this and thought, “Worse case, what is wrong with failing?” Success is not final,  failure is not fatal. Maybe we would lose a little money, some valuable time, but we wouldn’t lose more than we could recover from, and we would learn a lot of lessons to help us in the future.

We mapped out a plan and knew we would have to sacrifice for our goals. What little time we had outside of work was spent on the most important things to us: family time, reading scriptures, praying with our children, and attending to our church responsibilities. We had our priorities right, but that did not make it easy. My mother had just been diagnosed with Melanoma cancer six months prior and we were helping daily, while also taking care of our six-month-old baby and two toddlers. My husband had started another company the same month and we were serving in time intensive church service callings. With positive attitudes, and a willingness to depend on the Savior to make miracles happen, we began digging in.

Knowing how to and being willing to work past the point of comfort is imperative in forging and achieving goals. This is how we grow in confidence. We prove to ourselves that we can do hard things, and with the Lord, He will magnify our best efforts. I remember a couple years ago, I had just given birth to our fifth child three days prior; I told my oldest son, who had just turned 9, that we needed to go outside and dig a bunch of holes for a new fence we were having installed later that afternoon. He started working with me, but after an hour said, “Mom, I think I am done working; it’s starting to get hard and it’s not fun anymore.” I responded, “Terrific! This is where the work BEGINS!” Before it was fun and not very difficult, now we prove to ourselves we can finish-this is work! Showing my son that he could do hard things was crucial for me to teach him his ability to grow, waxing in confidence.

Our family has a failure trophy. When we fail at something, we get the trophy for the day and celebrate that failure at dinner. We should try really hard, hope for, and work for things. Not everything will always go our way, but we can learn valuable lessons along the way. This is what I want for my children: experiences of falling, losing, succeeding, and working hard without reservation of failure or worrying what others may think. This is their life and I hope they choose to live it fully.

In Philippians 1: 6,14, and 25 we read, “Being confident of this very thing, that he which hath begun a good work. . .having this confidence, I know that I shall abide and continue with you for your furtherance and joy of faith.” There is a process of building confidence that comes line upon line as we work with God waxing at first, then having it after the trial of our effort and faith.

If you know how to work, you can be successful in anything you choose to do! Spiritual, mental, emotional, educational, physical, and any other growth, requires work to change, improve and grow.  I have learned that I can accomplish anything if I am willing to do the work. I love proving this to myself over and over again. 

The Lord wants you to be happy and successful! He desires to bless you in all your righteous pursuits, but we have to do our part. We have to decide what we want, then have faith to go after it. The Lord blesses the righteous desires of our hearts as we work like it all depends on us and pray like it all depends on Him. He will open the windows of heaven to pour out blessings that there will not be room enough to receive them.  I invite you to ask yourself what you would want if failure was not an option? Live your life fully in faith and go after your desires. This is where miracles happen.

In love and faith,