Making a Difference

Since 1992, the last Saturday in October has been deemed “Make a Difference Day”. What began as a local effort to unite community is now a national day of service!

“Make a Difference Day is an all-encompassing national day of service dedicated to helping others — a celebration of neighbors helping neighbors. We are a completely non-profit, grassroots effort and YOU are welcome to be a part of it. We are always looking for people to help coordinate this huge community effort.”¹


In the Wenatchee, Washington area, we are lucky to have the dynamic duo of Laurel Helton and Margie Kerr. They have been spearheading the efforts since the very first Make a Difference day in 1992. There are over sixty organized efforts that you can participate in! There are diaper drives, piano recitals in retirement homes, painting, gardening, food collections, and so many more diverse projects. There is something for everyone. If you want to join in, check out the projects here at: Wenatchee Make a  Difference Day.  If you have a project to add or questions, contact:

Laurel Helton

Margie Kerr

Here are some ideas you can do on your own, or with your family and friends.

  • Adopt a grandparent. Families adopt a grandpa or grandma from your congregation, neighborhood, or local rest home.
  • Reach out to a neighbor you don’t know well and find a way to serve them.
  • Reach out to Salvation Army or women’s shelter, etc… Ask what needs they have or what you could do to be of help ahead of time.
  • Weed, sweep, and remove cob webs on exterior of your Church building.
  • Pick up litter along your favorite stretch of road or trail.
  • Weed at a cemetery. Trim grass and clean headstones.
  • Meet/greet a neighbor and share contact information in case of emergencies.  Make a neighborhood contact roster by visiting each neighbor and asking for their information and permission.
  • Donate clothing, diapers, and blankets to a local charity.


“Through service both the servant and the served experience the love of the Lord.”²  May we unite and make a big difference in the world, by one kind act at a time.

In faith,



²Sweet Moments, Bonnie D. Parkin

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