Changing Lives by Fulfilling Everyday Needs

Did you know that in our Greater Wenatchee Valley, hundreds of kids would eat little to no food on the weekends or during the summer months while at home? Barbara Tilly of Wenatchee saw this great need and got to work. Through years of determination, there are currently 26 local churches and organizations who now provide food for more than 500 students each week during the school year, as well as during the summer break. 

This program has become an organization that is known as Packing Friendship. Packing Friendship has been a miraculous blessing to countless children and families. Barbara Tilly, Karen Brugman, Jen Gale, and countless others within the churches of Wenatchee and East Wenatchee have made this vision a reality. They have become instruments in the hands of God to bless hundreds of His children weekly; both those willing to serve and those grateful to receive of their service.  

Packing Friendship is a wonderful way to give back to our community, as you see it make a difference in your neighbors life and we hope you might consider donating this Christmas Season. Donations can be made at, where all of the funds raised go directly to this non-profit organization. We also encourage you to share this cause with your friends and family; it’s an easy way to help support and bless our community! 

We invite you to submit stories of goodness about your neighbors, friends, & community members. Let’s share the good!

Photo credit, Wenatchee World