Christlike Service #ShareGoodness

This morning I’ve been thinking of a member of my congregation who passed away last year named Phil. This time of year finds our local church involved in volunteer work for a couple different homeless shelters, and Phil, as always when it came to service opportunities, would be first to sign up and recruit other volunteers. Always on the front lines, like he didn’t know what to do with himself if he wasn’t making someone else’s life a little easier.

One particular event found us both involved with an overnight assignment where we kept watch over a group of less fortunate families as they ate dinner and slept overnight. Early in the morning as we were dismissing everyone and packing away the mattresses and blankets, I thanked Phil for organizing the event and including me, to which he humbly replied, “It’s what Father would have us do.”

That moment and attitude will forever be stuck in my mind as an example of love and dedicated service that I hope to one day emulate. Thanks, Phil, for teaching me what a true servant of others does and feels.