Putting Christ in Christmas, One by One #ShareGoodness

Christmas is such a special time of year when people increase their efforts to love and serve others. The #LightTheWorld effort focuses on serving others as Jesus did—one by one. Here at Uplift the World, we invited our readers to tell us who has made an impression in their lives through their Christlike efforts. Enjoy a few of our favorites!

This amazing lady has been an example to me of Christ like service. I met her when I was just a young mom and she befriended me. She has served me and my kids ever since. She is a very passionate middle school teacher and I can’t even imagine how many kids and families she has helped. I’ve seen children’s lives change because of her positive influence. She is friend to everyone and strives to lift others. I’m so thankful for her in my life. – Stephanie

Hayley is an example of Christlike service! She is thoughtful, kind, and seeks out “the one”. Hayley and her husband moved into our congregation about 2 years ago. She instantly became a guardian angel to keep watch over my mom in our absence. Recently, my daughter Kaycee moved home and had no friends here. Hayley again became an angel, and very good friend. That’s what she always does. – Dayna

Got in the Christmas spirit by decorating my humble abode! Christmas always makes me think of my Auntie Karen. She was such a good example of Christlike love. I hope to emulate her this Christmas season. – Marissa


Countless members of my family, friends who feel like family, coworkers, and others have shown me how to serve as Christ did. But the lovely lady in this picture is my choice. This is my grandmother, Fay Lunceford Muhlestein. She’s been on my mind lately. Partly because tomorrow would have been her birthday, and partly because I miss her! My grandpa had great ideas, but my grandmother was the one who brought them to fruition. She cared tirelessly for him through his failing health. Her home was like my second home. To me, she was everything a grandmother should be and more. – LeiAnn

This friend of mine is a wonderful example of giving Christ-like service. She has her own 3 minions, and one in the making, and she has always dropped everything to help others. She goes out of her way to do thoughtful things for others. She is a true friend, even when her friends (me 🙋🏼‍♀️) may suck at staying in contact for months at a time. She has somehow always seemed to be available to love and support me and my family in all the stages of life since I’ve known her, and I know she does the same for many others. She takes time to get to know who people really are. Thanks for being a great example in lighting the world, Rachel! – Jannica

This boy!! He is always willing to serve anyone in need. He might only be 12 but he has one of the purest ♥️s. My sweet Tobie!! What an example he is to me!! – Kim

“Each Christmas, we celebrate the life of Jesus Christ, the Light of the World. By following His teachings, we let his light shine—in our lives and in the lives of others.”1 May your Christmas be filled with Christ as you observe the kindness of others, and as you emulate the Savior, and show love to those around you!

Wishing you all the love of CHRISTmas. – Uplift the World


1 https://www.comeuntochrist.org/2017/christmas/25-ways-25-days-calendar