Bitter Cold Gives Us a Chance to Help Homeless

The temperatures in Washington State have dropped below freezing for weeks. Thankfully the small town community of Wenatchee has prepared to help the homeless, and offers a few options to keep people out of the frigid weather.

One of the locations offering shelter from the bitter cold is the First United Methodist Church on the corner of Washington and Miller. The shelter is operated by the Women’s Resource Center, with funding through a grant from the Chelan-Douglas Local Homeless Housing Task Force.

Each night, the First United Methodist Church will open its doors to the homeless, making it a priority to shelter women and children. Men’s housing is offered at Holy Apostles Catholic Church in East Wenatchee. The shelters will remain open through the end of February and into March if the temperatures are still low. The shelter is only open in the evenings.

Currently the directors of the overnight program are looking to the community for help. There is always a director on site to oversee the evening. They are looking for additional volunteers to sleep at the church to be of assistance. There are separate sleeping areas for those who are serving.

All community members are invited to assist in this program as we serve those in our area. If you are not unable to sleep overnight, think about delivering some warm pizza. Socks, toiletries, and hygiene items are useful. Many people do not know how to best support these citizens in need. There are so many ways we can help!

For information on volunteering overnight or donating, contact:  Kyle Folden (509) 393-2596 or email:, and visit to learn more.

To volunteer at the Holy Apostles Catholic Church, you can find information here:

Inasmuch as ye have done it unto one of the least of these my brethren, ye have done it unto me.

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