Protect Young Minds

A few months ago on, I wrote about some ways to empower children to reject pornography. In that article I shared the importance of family councils. I also shared a video that very effectively and appropriately explains to kids what pornography is, and how to choose to keep your mind safe from it.

Today I am sharing another great resource,  This website is founded by Kristen Jenson, who is the author of the best selling book “Good Pictures, Bad Pictures”.   This website has a three-fold mission to combat pornography.

  • Prepare & Prevent– “With preparation and a plan, kids can learn to reject pornography. Its not rocket science! Its brain science.”
  • Help & Heal– “Parents can help their kids heal from pornography use. We have a SMART Plan Guide for Parents to show you how to begin.”
  • Share & Speak Up– “Help us empower parents to protect kids from pornography and sexual exploitation. You provide the enthusiasm, we’ll provide the tools.”

From the website you can request free guides to teach you the specifics to each aspect of their mission.  I have requested these free tools and have been impressed with the material. I encourage you to do the same.

For easy access, here is the YouTube video that I recommend as a foundation for teaching your children.  Much of the information in the video is based off of the material in Kristen Jenson’s book, “Good Pictures, Bad Pictures.”

Gone are the days when we can just keep pornography from reaching our kids. Pornography is so much a part of our society, and is so easily accessed. Kids need to be taught how to manage their own brains, and how to recognize and reject pornography when they are exposed. Not if, but when. It is inevitable.  But we do not need to fear. We can prepare ourselves by becoming educated, and then educate our kids. Empower them!

For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind.”

Prepare yourselves and your families with the skills necessary to combat pornography.

Give these resources a try.