Use your 3D Printers to Make Reusable COVID-19 Masks

 A specialist in Billings, MT, informed us that her husband, son and family friend developed plans for a reusable plastic face mask that can be created on a 3D printer. The developers are making these plans open source and free for download.

The developers share,”Due to a shortage of masks for healthcare professionals across the country, we have developed and designed a 3D printed mask. This has been a collaborative effort with several individuals and local entities. We are encouraging all hobbyist, dentists, schools, universities, and anyone with 3D printers, to start making these masks and delivering them to your local hospitals! Please contact your local Red Cross chapter or hospital to ask if they will be the primary point of contact for the drop-offs.”

Masks require a filter which can be made cutting up a single mask into 6 pieces, or by ordering custom filter patches (which exceed industry standards) from Shane at High Tech Filters @ 800.785.6985. His business has the capacity to produce as many as are needed. 

We appreciate all those who are working hard to help fight COVID-19.