Daily Bread

My daughter and I have been baking bread during this COVID-19 quarantine. When the shelves were barren, and there was no bread to be found, I was grateful for the flour and yeast we had at home to make what we needed. Flour and yeast were hard to find! How dependent we are on this basic staple in our lives. I am reminded that God is the source of our daily bread, and every blessing! We should depend always on Him, not only during this pandemic.

Remember. This single word is one I make note of when I am reading the scriptures. I highlight those passages to help me to do just that— REMEMBER. Remembering God’s promises, His commandments, His love, His sacrifice.

I think of the Children of Israel, who wandered for forty years. They lived a nomadic life where planting and hunting to provide food was not an option. God was with them, and provided daily manna from heaven. Moses gave them instruction regarding this heavenly sustenance. The Israelites were to gather enough manna for one day, each day, except for Sunday, which was the Sabbath. On the day before the Sabbath, they were directed to gather enough manna for two days. Interestingly, if more manna was gathered than was needed, it would rot. They had to trust that God would provide. Every day the Children of Israel looked to God as the source of their nourishment, and they remembered Him.

D. Todd Christofferson teaches, “It is not by chance that God created us to have need of daily physical sustenance. Day by day we work out our future, achieve our goals, raise and nurture our families. We endure to the end one day at a time.”

“As we seek God daily our faith and trust in Him grow. We need to thank our God. To look to Him. Have faith in Him. To trust Him. To look to Him in every thought. Doubt not fear not.”¹


Needs and challenges will arise for us each day. When we remember Jesus Christ and turn to Him regularly, we can better face the trials as they come. We can remember to look to the source of our deliverance, and recognize the manna that daily showers down from heaven. As we pray to “give us this day our daily bread“², our lives will be blessed and guided. We will receive the sustenance we need to get through each day, as the Savior has assured us, for He is the Bread of Life.

In faith,


¹D. Todd Christofferson, Give Us This Day Our Daily Bread


artwork-The Last Supper, Simon Dewey