The Virus Made a Mess of My Home

A problem is an opportunity!

intention + effort + time = improvement. 

Every time a problem is tackled with this equation applied, an opportunity for improvement occurs.

Recent world events have have thrown parents into the trenches of unexpected homeschooling. This can be viewed as an opportunity.

The problem is the virus. The opportunity is how we respond to it in our homes. More specifically, how will we choose to capitalize on this opportunity with our children? What are your intentions during this opportunity with your kiddos? 

Intention is powerful and is a scriptural based principle.  An intention is an objective set on purpose. God works with us, His children, with purpose. As a parent strives to become more godly in their parenting, intentionality is imperative.

I did not plan on homeschooling when I chose to have 6 kids. I enjoy sending my kids off to school. However, at the beginning of this experience I decided, despite my mixed emotions, to be intentional. I set the intention of connection with my children to be the objective.

How does this look in my home? Well… it’s a practice. Progress is never linear. It has ups and downs and loopty loops, with twists and turns that have a forward and upward trajectory, if the intention is consistently sought after over time. This comes by making course corrections and plan alterations along the way. 

Progress is messy, but so is parenthood. If it is going to be messy, it might as well be the type of messy that brings progress with it.  

Now, back to my example. I have applied my intention of connection in our schooling at home by embracing everything that brings connection with one or more of my children. Anything that divides or brings contention is abandoned or heavily altered to redirect towards connection.  That’s it!

When things start to feel rough, (and they do often around here) I ask myself, is this bringing connection or division?  This has become my golden rule question in navigating through this new territory for myself. It is serving me well.  

What is your intention in this crazy, unexpected circumstance? What intention do you apply in this messy new era of unexpected homeschooling?