What’s Missing?

Recently my married daughter and her husband moved back home to our valley after living in Seattle for five years. It’s been so fun to have her nearby. We’ve loved connecting several times a week for various reasons, even though they still live 25 minutes away. When Hayley’s mother-in-law had surgery, we planned to take her a meal, and make it together at my house. I quickly made a cobbler to send with the dinner. We recently went to a blueberry farm where we picked several pounds of berries. I mixed those berries with blackberries I picked that morning from our yard. Using such fresh, delicious berries, I was certain it would be a winner!

The next day I asked my daughter how her mother-in-law was feeling, and how everyone liked the food. Hayley kindly told me that the meal was a hit. She mentioned they each had a small bite of the berry cobbler. Puzzled, I asked,”Was there something wrong?” Her response was, “It tasted more like bread, but it was good. Maybe something was missing?”

I reflected on the hurried cobbler assembly the day before. I remembered thinking I was short on batter. I recalled the batter seemed thicker than usual. I pulled out the recipe to see what had gone wrong. There it was. I had forgotten the sugar!

My baking error made me seriously ponder how important key ingredients are in our lives. One blessing I have noticed during this Covid-19 pandemic is that many people throughout the world have increased their prayers for relief from the suffering and devastation that have flooded the earth. Could it be that it took a global pandemic for people to realize Jesus Christ was missing from the forefront of the thoughts and lives of many individuals and families across the globe?

For the Love of One, by Eva Koleva Timothy
Matt 18:11-14

Eva Koleva Timothy is a photographer from Bulgaria who began a beautiful project with her husband and three children. They have captured images of Jesus’ life through Eva’s photography. Eva’s husband portrays Christ in the series. Her sons and daughter also model for the photos. The sacred art is titled “The Lord is My Light.” Timothy’s goal in creating this series, focused on Jesus Christ, is to invite others to “look for and see more of the Lord’s guiding hand in their lives.” Eva’s powerful and thoughtful art moves me.

A Gift of Light, by Eva Koleva Timothy
Matt 5:14-16

Russell M. Nelson has instructed us to strive “daily to become more like our Savior, Jesus Christ. And we do that as we repent daily and receive His cleansing, healing, and strengthening power. Then we can feel enduring peace and joy, even during turbulent times.” As we seek Jesus Christ in every circumstance, we will be strengthened and enabled to endure our trials.  

Finding Peace During Turbulent Times

In a world that is suffering from social injustice, political unrest, natural disasters and a world wide pandemic, the solution to every trial is evident. Thomas S. Monson taught, “As we make Christ the center of our lives, our fears will be replaced by the courage of our convictions.”1 Jesus is the Light that we should seek. As we turn to Him, we can receive strength to endure life’s storms. What should never be missing? The Savior of the World! He is the Master Healer. Let’s remember Him in every moment.

In faith,


Featured art: In the Beginning was the Word, by Eva Koleva Timothy
John 1:1-14

1Be an Example and a Light, by Thomas S. Monson