Have you ever known a man who was personable, kind, and always willing to do service to others? Wayne Lewis is one of those special souls. Recently he gave some wise counsel that is worth sharing. Enjoy.

Wayne tells, “I knew as a youth, someday I too would grow old and die, but that seemed so far in the future. I couldn’t comprehend what I knew. Now I am 88 years of age. Three years ago I sustained two strokes, and spent time in the rehab unit. I am still doing exercises to try regain what I had lost. My medical advisors are some of my best friends who remind me of my progress.

Wayne Lewis

In all this, my faith in God, His Son Jesus The Christ, and the Holy Spirit have only strengthened. Prayer, reading scripture daily, and internalizing what I have read in Holy Writ has increasingly become a necessity!

Wayne & Mary

As a young man I developed an urge to write something about my life to pass along to my children and grandchildren. This was fulfilled two years prior to the strokes and remains one of the greatest accomplishments of my life. I would urge everyone to put into writing some personal feelings about what you think about, what is important to you, and what you feel regarding  your spouse and children.  

A Hymn brings this to the forefront by proclaiming:  “Time flies on wings of lightning, You cannot call it back…” This personal history, written by your hand, can be one of the most fulfilling and soul-satisfying efforts you can do.”