On Gratitude

I have been pondering the widow’s mite. As you may recall, the Savior was teaching at the temple and observing the crowds contributing to the treasury. Many wealthy citizens gave impressive amounts while a poor widow placed only two of the smallest copper coins. The Savior commended her for her devotion to God because she gave despite her poverty.

The Widow’s Mite

Like so many of the Savior’s teachings, there is a lot to be learned from this story. This parable is often taught to encourage generosity. I have learned that this principle applies to other aspects of our life. I love the phrase, “The Lord loves effort.” The test of this life is not in doing what’s right when it’s easy, but in doing so when it’s hard.

This week, Russell M. Nelson, President of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints challenged the world to flood social media with gratitude. At first, it would seem an odd thing to do during a year that has presented so many trials. How can we #givethanks in 2020?

Just like the widow’s mite, the challenge is not the gratitude we show in times of abundance. The challenge is learning to be grateful notwithstanding our trials. One of my favorite sermons is Dieter F. Uchtdorf’s “Grateful in Any Circumstances.” I learned a long time ago that if someone else can say something better than you can, you should let them speak for themselves. In that spirit, I would invite you to listen to this sermon and ponder how you can show your gratitude.

I truly believe we can be grateful to the Lord in spite of our circumstances, no matter how hard things might be. Trying to cultivate this principle in my own life has led me to an increase in faith, hope, and love for my God.

If you have not seen the challenge from President Nelson, you can view it here.