What’s Good?

As I write this, it is a snowy, blowy Saturday. If you live in the Wenatchee area, you know which Saturday I’m talking about. It was yesterday.

The weather conditions forced us to stay in the house pretty much all day. I loved it. I finished a writing project I’ve been working on. I filed my taxes. I got to watch my husband shovel the driveway. Through a window. While I stayed in the warm house. I know, I know. You’re thinking I should have gone out to help him. But he let me stay inside and never complained once. What a guy!

Before starting dinner, I finally got to the newspaper, and there in an ad, I found my topic: “What’s good?” Having experienced many good things lately, I starting making a mental list of them, which made me appreciate them even more. Let me share a few of mine with you. I’m sure there are similar events in your own lives.

I get to wake up in a warm, comfortable bed every morning.

I am blessed to share my life with an exceptional man.

I have enough to eat every day with some to spare.

I’m a grandma!

I have the privilege of serving with a large group of women who are dedicated to making life better for girls all over the world.

I can see. I can hear. I can taste, touch and smell. I can read.

I know a loving Heavenly Father hears my prayers.

I can share His love with others.

Every day we have the opportunity to look for the good, the uplifting, the kind, and the positive in the world around us. And every day we have the opportunity to be positive, kind, uplifting, and yes, just plain good.

What’s good in your world today? Celebrate it!