Small Details

Small Details

I badly needed a 1/2” adapter to hook my garden water back up.  A couple weeks earlier, in an overzealous attempt to reduce weed-whacking, I drove the mower just a little too close to where I had tapped into the irrigation for the garden and chopped up the connection.  Young plants now struggled to take root without a reliable water source.

I didn’t have a spare connector in my might-come-handy bin down in the barn, so now I stood in the irrigation section of the local hardware store. Like my barn, the store also seemed devoid of the appropriate connector. After searching for 10 minutes I solicited assistance from the in-store ‘plumbing specialist’. He didn’t seem to understand which fitting I searched for, and also didn’t want to do more than suggest I go back to looking in another section I’d already scoured.

In frustration I walked out of the store empty handed and wondering if I could come up with a work-around to make the required fix. The garden desperately needed regular water to help offset the growing heat and drier conditions of late spring.

As I got in the truck I decided to try one last store. The irrigation section at this store had every fitting I could imagine for 3/4” pipe. Unfortunately, the irrigation system for my garden employed 1/2” pipe.

I stared longingly at the empty 1/2” fittings shelf as though my mental wishing powers could somehow replace the nonexistent inventory. On a whim I reached into the 3/4” box just to be sure it would have been the right part.  Yes, that was precisely the one I needed. Except it was 3/4”.  I dejectedly put it back in the box and turned away.

Suddenly I realized the part which I’d held in my hand just moments earlier was smaller than 3/4”. I went back and pulled the box off the shelf. As I examined the box’s contents more closely I plainly saw the 1/2” part I searched for in amongst the 3/4” fittings.

Thomas S. Monson reminded us that, “our Heavenly Father is aware of our needs and will help us as we call upon Him for assistance. I believe that no concern of ours is too small or insignificant. The Lord is in the details of our lives.”

As I headed down to the garden to make my repair, I reflected on how the Lord is keenly aware of me and my needs.  He hadn’t changed water to wine. But a miracle had nonetheless occurred.  A 3/4” fitting had become a 1/2” one. No concern is too small for Him; no detail is too insignificant. He granted me a small miracle in order to teach me a big lesson about His perfect love and concern for me as well as for each of us.