What kind of person will I be today?

As a young adult, I worked in Seattle right next to where I had grown up. On many afternoons I would step into a little market-deli to get a sandwich or an Italian soda, and each time I walked in, the man behind the counter would smile and ask, “Are you you, or your sister?” I was always impressed that he remembered us both. When we were girls, my sister and I used to come it all the time for ice cream or Italian sodas, but it had been many years.

This continued for months. Then one day, I came in with no makeup. It had been one of those hectic mornings, and I had to run out the door with not a dab of makeup on. As the chime of the door entrance announced me, he declared, “It’s the sister! How are you?”

I smiled and just went along with it—not wanting to correct him—but then, as I was checking out, he leaned in, lowered his voice, and confessed: “You’re much nicer than your sister.”

At that moment, I realized he was talking about me in both scenarios. In his mind, no-makeup me was my little sister.

It stung.

Are we more or less kind for different people or depending on the situations? It could be stress or a big test, a bad workday or the guy who cut you off this morning (or apparently in my case, no makeup). It could be any myriad of things. But if you are human, there are probably moments that you wish you could go back to handle differently, somewhere you could have been nicer, taken a little more time, or been a little more patient.

Inside each day there are 1,440 moments given to us. Thankfully, we only really have to watch ourselves for the 960 or so that we are awake. That’s about 1,000 moments to choose:

Will we be light or darkness?
Will we offer compassion or intolerance?
Will we silently give empathy or judgment?
Will we share a smile or a frown?

What kind of person am I going to be today? And if I mess up by 8 am, then what choice will I make at 8:01?


Source: Free Printable from Simple as That Blog