Accepting and Embracing the Grey

I can’t see the Gospel of Jesus Christ as black and white any more. I grew up labeling everything as good or bad. Right or wrong. I find as I dive deeper into learning about the Savior’s ways, black and white wasn’t what He taught. He taught that while it’s good to keep the Sabbath Day holy (a law requiring literally no work to be done on the Sabbath in the time of ancient Israel), it’s better to bless someone and have them pick up their bed and walk regardless of the day. He taught that instead of shunning the unclean (an ancient practice), it’s better to love them and help them where they are. Jesus encouraged people, never shamed them, to take steps towards light in whatever way they could. I see an individual who appreciated the good in others, like an unpopular tax collector being a prime example. I see my Brother teaching better ways than the cultural rules and traditions that didn’t serve His higher purpose. 

Today I see people trying their best in every way imaginable. I also see so much disdain and disagreement. So many people are quick to call names instead of trying to understand others. So many people see their opinions as the white, and anything contradicting their thoughts as black. What if we are all just categorized as shades of grey?

What if something is right for one person but not right for someone else? Do we have to draw a line in the sand? Or can we just take all the good in all forms and come together?

A Gift of Light, Eva Koleva Timothy

Can we see that no one thing can possibly apply across the board – except the healing of our wounds, be that healing from Christ or any other higher power? If we are working towards bringing more light, in whatever way that might be, aren’t we all working towards the same thing?

Marci Nelson Reno