Lessons in the Garden

Normally, as I water my garden each morning, I just use a hose and spray everything down until it is good and soaked. It is time effective, and I can check a task off my list. This morning, however, I made a fertilizer-water mix and watered each plant by hand. I noticed a few of the plants had leaves that were shriveled up and dying, and other little things going on. As I was watering them individually, I was able to tend to each of their individual needs. Some needed dead limbs clipped off. One needed a rock to hold up the stems a little higher to keep it from drowning in the pile of water. Some needed the dirt moved around so the water didn’t pool up too much.  

As I was doing all of this, I kept thinking of the phrase “ministering to the one“. If I had just kept watering like normal, all of these needs wouldn’t have been tended to. All the plants would have probably still been fine if I didn’t take the time to do this today, but now they are much better than they were before.  

Mercy’s Embrace, by Annie Henrie Nader

Ministering to the one….it’s been on my mind all day since then. I love how our Savior knows and loves us as individuals. I also love that through other people, He is able to reach us all individually.  

Take a moment during the day to listen to those small promptings for ways we can minister to the one.  Are you the one who has been ministered to? (Did you receive a text out of the blue from a friend when you needed a pick me up? Or a smile from a stranger?) Say a prayer of thanks for being cared for on an individual level by a loving Father in Heaven.

Christine P.