Painting the Wenatchee Rescue Mission

Make a change in the world or the world will make a change in you.

More people are becoming homeless for the first time now than at any time in Wenatchee history. Wenatchee Rescue Mission is on the front lines of providing meals, hot showers, safe shelter, and other life-giving support to people in need.

Sometimes those who spend all their time helping others end up needing help themselves. Those are the times when the community steps in. That was the case last weekend Saturday, September 10th, when Darrell Nygard led a group of more than a dozen community volunteers working approximately 50 man hours to paint the men’s sleeping and eating building at the Wenatchee Rescue Mission.

The volunteers brought ladders, paint scrapers, hammers, painter’s tape, paint trays, paint brushes, and paint rollers with handles. A couple of volunteers even showed up with paint sprayers.

Lots of hands make for light work and that was the case Saturday when the community volunteers finished the job in just over four hours.

“The Mission was really well organized and had prepared the building pretty well, having scraped and pressure washed it earlier in the week,” one of the volunteers said.

The old and peeling blue and turquoise paint was replaced with an Earthy green base with brown trim. “I think it looks really nice. I am glad I was able to come and help paint,” another volunteer commented as the group was finishing cleaning up after the project was completed.

The Wenatchee Rescue Mission has many opportunities for individuals or groups to help during these difficult times, both at their main building, Haven of Hope Women’s Center, or Friday outreach. No matter what your skills are, they will find a way for you to share love and hope with those in need. 

This community volunteer effort was supported by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.

Some amazing images of our volunteers at work:

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