Recognizing HIS Will

Here are some things I suggest to help us align with the will of God:

  • Search. The scriptures will help us to know the will of our Heavenly Father. “Seek, and ye shall find” (Matthew 7:7).
  • Repent. Repentance enables us to feel comfortable in our relationship with Heavenly Father. That which guides us to repentance aligns us with the will of God.
  • Pray. When we feel peace in our hearts as we pray, we can be assured we are in Heavenly Father’s path.
  • Obey. Living prophets and apostles counsel us about how to become closer to Christ, which will also enable us to be closer to Heavenly Father.
  • Follow the Spirit. The Holy Ghost will reveal “the truth of all things” (Moroni 10:5). He will enable us to receive personal revelation.
  • Share. When we feel prompted to share the gospel and do so, we are doing the will of Heavenly Father (see Matthew 28:19–20).