Becoming a Fortress Family

There was a time when I even questioned getting married and having kids at all--I was leaning toward it being a bad idea. No one who was married seemed happy through my teenager eyes. But then I saw the beautiful example a peculiar family; they were like nothing I'd ever seen. They loved, and laughed, and played and seemed genuinely happy. I wanted to know why.

Perspective Changes Everything

In the margin of my scriptures next to 1 Nephi 17:20, I have the word perspective written. In this verse, the brothers of Nephi are recounting what they have experienced. Through Laman and Lemuel's perspective, they say; And thou art like unto our father, led away by the foolish imaginations of his heart; yea, he hath led us … Continue reading Perspective Changes Everything

Light the World Wk 2: Love the NeighborHOOD

As we continue #LIGHTtheWORLD and move into week 2, the theme turns from Light the World to Light Your Community. "Service doesn't just happen on a grand, global scale. Your own community is full of opportunities to get involved, make a difference, and give as Jesus gave." President James E. Faust said of The Church … Continue reading Light the World Wk 2: Love the NeighborHOOD