Days For Girls Project Seeking Helping Hands

Days For Girls is a program that assembles reusable feminine hygiene kits that are distributed to girls and women in over 120 countries. Here in Wenatchee a local group of women meet once a month to sew, iron, glue, and assemble all the necessary components  to provide women with a packet holding essential materials to manage … Continue reading Days For Girls Project Seeking Helping Hands

The Master’s Hand

How much better our lives can be when we recognize the skilled hands of the Master potter, molding us into a beautiful work of art. Are we pliable? Do we submit our whole lives, no matter how difficult it may be, into the Lord’s loving hands? Do we let God prevail in our lives?

The Bunny Experiment

My friend, Eva, is an example of Christ-like love. She follows Jesus counsel to love our neighbor. She can't help it. It's just how she is. Wouldn't the world be a better place if we reached out to those we can affect with love and kindness?

We Can Be Hopeful

Some days, as I drop my "tween" daughter off to school, she expresses distress and doesn't want to go. On one particular day she was dreading getting out of the car, I encouraged her to think of a part of her day that she could look forward to. I explained she could be optimistic about … Continue reading We Can Be Hopeful