Serving at Journey to Bethlehem

The Wenatchee 7th Day Adventist Church will be hosting the epic “Journey to Bethlehem”! Last year they did not have enough support to hold the popular event. The Wenatchee Stake of the Church of Jesus Christ has offered to help. "Experience the town of Bethlehem as it was the night the Christ Child was born. … Continue reading Serving at Journey to Bethlehem

Light your FAMILY!

Love is really spelled T-I-M-E.  My children quickly forget a couple of small presents they received, but they treasure the memories they are making of snowmobiling in the back yard as a family, of hot cocoa by our old wood burning fire,  taking soups to families, telling Christmas stories by the tree at night, and yes.....we are carolers, because we love music, people and goodies!

Light the World

Christmas is coming! What an exciting opportunity we have to commemorate our Savior’s birth, life and His atoning sacrifice for each of us by striving to emulate the light he brought---and continues to bring---into the world. Uplift will celebrate the advent of Christmas by publishing a series of posts highlighting the themes of the 2018 … Continue reading Light the World