He is Light

Christmas 2020 does not look like our normal celebration. Because of the rise in Covid-19, people are distancing from family and friends to fight this virus. It is an unprecedented time, and people are struggling with depression, anxiety, financial hardships, mental and physical trials. Many would say it is a time of darkness. For the … Continue reading He is Light

What’s Missing?

My baking error made me seriously ponder how important key ingredients are in our lives. One blessing I have noticed during this Covid-19 pandemic is that the world has displayed an increase in prayer for relief from the suffering and devastation that has flooded the earth. Could it be that it took a global pandemic for people to realize Jesus Christ was missing from the forefront of the thoughts and lives of many individuals and families across the globe?


On Saturday, May 16th, volunteers distributed 4,100 bags of potatoes and onions to the community. The response was one of gratitude. Eric Sauer, of Chelan Fresh, witnessed the carefully orchestrated give away. The export sales manager contacted Monique Lott, Communications Director for the Wenatchee Stake, Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, with an amazing … Continue reading PRODUCE DONATION ALLOWS VALLEY TO PARTAKE OF BOUNTY THROUGH JUNE

Just What is Essential?

Lately, we’ve heard the word ‘essential’ used quite a bit.  By definition, the word essential means something that is absolutely necessary or indispensable.  People have jobs that are essential, or nonessential.  Businesses and services are either essential or nonessential.  Travel can be essential or nonessential.  A desire to see a medical professional can be deemed … Continue reading Just What is Essential?

How Can WE Rise Up?

The current COVID-19 pandemic has shaken the world in ways that could not be anticipated. While there is much devastation, illness, and death, unexpected positive outcomes are developing. There is movement to return to what matters most. In quarantine, the pace of life has slowed. Families are spending quality time with one another - going … Continue reading How Can WE Rise Up?

Use your 3D Printers to Make Reusable COVID-19 Masks

 A JustServe.org specialist in Billings, MT, informed us that her husband, son and family friend developed plans for a reusable plastic face mask that can be created on a 3D printer. The developers are making these plans open source and free for download. 3-D printers can manufacture masks The developers share,"Due to a shortage of masks … Continue reading Use your 3D Printers to Make Reusable COVID-19 Masks

Faith Drives Away Fear

During these tumultuous and uncertain times, we are all in need of comfort and assurance. Recently an Uplift the World follower submitted the comforting words of David A. Bednar. We think they are worth repeating: "In our daily lives, endless reports of COVID-19 occurrences and restrictions, criminal violence, famine, wars, corruption, terrorism, and the destructive … Continue reading Faith Drives Away Fear