It’s All Worthy

Edith Eva Egar was taken to Auschwitz when she was 16 years old. Suffering grossly she said one of the greatest things that got her mentally through the war was remembering her mother telling her, just before entering the camp, that “They cannot take from you what you put into your own mind”. She found liberation … Continue reading It’s All Worthy

Kintsugi — The Art of Being Broken

It's "a simple truth: you will get hurt. Life will throw you for a loop and give you whiplash. It will cut you, bruise you, break you. That’s just how it is."

"Here’s another truth: you will heal. Your cuts will close up. Your bruises will fade. Even your broken heart will mend. That’s just how it is. But you won’t be the same as you were before. You’ll be even better."