Putting Christ in Christmas, One by One #ShareGoodness

Christmas is such a special time of year when people increase their efforts to love and serve others. The #LightTheWorld effort focuses on serving others as Jesus did—one by one. Here at Uplift the World, we invited our readers to tell us who has made an impression in their lives through their Christlike efforts. Enjoy … Continue reading Putting Christ in Christmas, One by One #ShareGoodness

Changing Lives by Fulfilling Everyday Needs

Did you know that in our Greater Wenatchee Valley, hundreds of kids would eat little to no food on the weekends or during the summer months while at home? Barbara Tilly of Wenatchee saw this great need and got to work. Through years of determination, there are currently 26 local churches and organizations who now … Continue reading Changing Lives by Fulfilling Everyday Needs

Light your FAMILY!

Love is really spelled T-I-M-E.  My children quickly forget a couple of small presents they received, but they treasure the memories they are making of snowmobiling in the back yard as a family, of hot cocoa by our old wood burning fire,  taking soups to families, telling Christmas stories by the tree at night, and yes.....we are carolers, because we love music, people and goodies!

Adolescents and Service

Do you want to help your adolescents improve their self-esteem? Provide them with opportunities to serve people they don’t know. While any sort of person-to-person service, including that done for family members and friends, has a positive effect on young people, a recent study shows that helping and serving less fortunate people who are previously … Continue reading Adolescents and Service